So basically I've been busy with other things. Nothing in particular besides Marching Band and Vex Robotics since our competition is on the 12th of November. ( Click here for an album ) I have started recording, and editing another video, just haven't found the time or energy for it. It'll be up asap. Most likely in the next few days.  What I really want is a new PC. The one I mainly use it good for surfing the web and playing basic games, but not for recording, playing high end games, or editing large HD footage. So I've been doing tons and tons of research to find the right parts on a 1,200$ budget to build myself. I hope all goes well but I won't know until that time comes. ( Click here for the parts list )

Its good and has room for upgrade but the problem is, I used all my money towards the computer itself and didn't leave some for some nice monitors or user interfaces (mouse, keyboard, etc;). So it looks like I'm gonna have to keep saving on my own until I raise the funds for that.

That's pretty much it! One last note is that I really want to get a large(ish) community going on here so that I can get some input on what video tutorials and gameplay people want. In a sense, i want to feeds the peoples needs. :P

Thanks for reading!

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