Welcome to HDTU! A brand new project (as of August 27, 2011) that I have alone started! So let me clear up many things and get this ball rolling!

HDTU is going to be a simple channel on YouTube where I post video tutorials on computer related things. From things like programming in java, to building a game through the CryEngine 3 SDK, to even making a simple website such as this one! I plan to do my best in making sure each and every video that is produced is at top quality and useful. HDTU stands for "High Definition Tutorials Unlimited", basically saying I have a bunch of video tutorials in high def. Now I plan to do my best in uploading a bunch of videos and making sure that each and everyone is high quality both in content and in the actual video. My plans as of now are to initially upload the 720p compressed version on YouTube, and then zipping and uploading a top quality version of the video for download. (I am most likely going to be using MediaFire since there service is great in my opinion.)

Now let me make one thing clear. This is completely none profit project. I don't want to make these videos and have people pay to see them or be forced to look at crap loads of adds strapped all over the site, but do realize that with out an income, many tutorials and videos are not possible. I cannot buy high dollar programs without money. So if I do become a YouTube partner, I plan on using that money to directly help this little organization/production to produce more and more videos. Maybe a little bit goes here and there for me, but that's only if i get a YouTube partnership. Until then, expect the best I can give you.

So! All in all, I hope you guys/girls enjoy all the videos and content I produce and if all goes well, I will be able to continue doing this little hobby for quite some time! 

                  Thanks again! 

Kyle Long
9/2/2011 05:54:41 am

Wow!! I've always been a pretty big fan of your hakzunlimited channel but this seems like a whole improvement since you have been gone for several years! :D


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