After some time I finally raised the funds and got help from many friends! Today, I finished building it and its about time to tell everyone! 

The PC i built ran me almost 1600$ and its incredibly powerful! I love every bit of it! Specs of it are:

CPU: Intel i7 2600k
GPU: MSI Twin Frozr II Radeon 6950 OC editionMB: ASRock Extreme 3 Gen 3

HD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB
SSD: Nova 2 60gb
CASE: Cooler Master Haf X
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master evo II

The think is incredibly fast at rendering and recording. I'm not liking the SSD as its given me problems from the start. The only upside is that it boots to the login screen in under 25 seconds but after i log in its another 5 minutes until its running at full speed. No clue as to why it is that way, but it is.

With this machine, I'm playing and recording at 1080p at any game I've thrown at it yet. Lovin' it and Im just now gonna start working on the HDTU channel now! :D
My goodness! Everything cost so much and I only have so little! UGH! ok, lets back up so I can explain everything. Basically, my pc that I've dont almost all of my work has finally died out. I was rendering a huge video, and the video card melted and destroyed the mobo. (doesn't help that it was both a crappy HP case and I had it in a hot room). So basically I've been reasearching to BUILD my own new one, but I want to be able to do things fast, and multitask, FAST. Problem is, once I finally decided on the parts, the money is too high! 1200$ just for PC?? So theres that money that I have to raise. THEN, I noticed that I lost my origional copy of Sony Vegas Pro 9 and I know for sure that I cannot afford another copy. there IS a 100$ edition aimed more towards the consumers compared to the pros but I havent experiemented with it since I dont have a PC to do it on besides an really old laptop. I really want to get HDTU going, big time. I mean, constant upload of videos and information, all for free for a community of anybody. No sign up, no nothing. That's the way I want it, but my videos are kinda rediculous in size because I crank the quality so high. So some of my 10 minute videos are like 500mb. Which takes FOREVER to upload to youtube. So what i think im gonna start doing, is using my computer to upload the biggest of ones, and then my smart phone on the side for any other videos over night. That way it doesn't bottel neck each other. Not sure yet, I'm still thinking.

If you guys have any ideas on my plans, go ahead and comment below. FYI, i recently put up a new video and i'm about to edit this site so that it will show up
    So basically I've been busy with other things. Nothing in particular besides Marching Band and Vex Robotics since our competition is on the 12th of November. ( Click here for an album ) I have started recording, and editing another video, just haven't found the time or energy for it. It'll be up asap. Most likely in the next few days.  What I really want is a new PC. The one I mainly use it good for surfing the web and playing basic games, but not for recording, playing high end games, or editing large HD footage. So I've been doing tons and tons of research to find the right parts on a 1,200$ budget to build myself. I hope all goes well but I won't know until that time comes. ( Click here for the parts list )

Its good and has room for upgrade but the problem is, I used all my money towards the computer itself and didn't leave some for some nice monitors or user interfaces (mouse, keyboard, etc;). So it looks like I'm gonna have to keep saving on my own until I raise the funds for that.

That's pretty much it! One last note is that I really want to get a large(ish) community going on here so that I can get some input on what video tutorials and gameplay people want. In a sense, i want to feeds the peoples needs. :P

Thanks for reading!